Drive safely: Karachi sometimes gets hit by heavy rain from time to time. It happens occasionally though. But still, most of the drivers in Karachi get caught off guard resulting in many fatal accidents and injuries. So how do we prevent that from happening to us, friends & families? Here are some important things you should do to ensure the safety of your friends and family.

Keep The Car Windows Clean

You have to keep all the windows of your car clean from the insides & outsides. If the windows get foggy, turn on the air conditioning and it will remove the fog. Seeing well is the key to the better driving right? Makes sense?

Keep Your Headlights Maintained

Drive Safely In Heavy Rain

Make sure all your lights are working both front and rear lamps should work not just because you have to see but also others have to see you too. Whenever heavy rain hits, Turn on your headlights.

Put Both Hands On The Steering Wheel

During Heavy rain, always place your both hands on the steering wheel. By placing both hands you will have better control over your car as compared to using one hand at the bottom which also makes you more prone to getting lost in thoughts and slowing down your reflexes.

Drive Safely Keep The Wipers Maintained

Always keep the wipers well maintained. replace them every year as they lose their functioning over time. Wipers are extremely helpful to keep the windows clean.

Drive Safely Avoid Slamming On The Brakes

Always avoid slamming on to the brakes, It might cause a skid leading to the car losing control. Be steady on the brakes.

Keep A Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance from the car ahead is also necessary for your daily driving routine. It is also important when your visual range is reduced due to heavy rain. Keeping a distance gives you more time to stop your car.

Drive Safely In Heavy Rain

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