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Changan Alsvin Manual


Changan Alsvin Comfort Manual, Changan launched its first passenger vehicle in Pakistan, the Changan Alsvin. Their local partner, Master Motors Limited, is offering this Changan sedan in three variants. Alsvin comes with a 3-year/100,000 kilometers warranty whichever comes first. The car is here to compete with the existing sedans and hatchbacks in Pakistan with its promising features and attractive price structure.

  • 1.37L Comfort with 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 1.5L Comfort with 5-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
  • 1.5L Lumiere with 5-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Alsvin is a smart sedan with an elegant yet aggressive style. As one steps inside the elegant cockpit is balanced with a plush ivory beige cabin, powered by Pakistan’s first euro 5 engine, giving you a luxurious ride comfort along with agile handling,

Changan Alsvin Comfort Manual 1.37L Comfort with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Best car

  • Butterfly Front Grill
  • Shark Fin Antenna
  • Daytime Running Lamps
  • Aerodynamic Waistline
  • Dual-beam Projector Head Lamp
  • Combination tail Lamps
  • Jack Knife
  • Boneless Wiper
  • Aluminum Door handles
  • Console Garnish
  • AC Vents
  • Meter Cluster
  • Centre Console
  • manul gear
  • Parking sensor
  • 12v/120W Electronic charging
  • Reverse Driving Display
  • Electronic Trunk Release
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Keyless Entry
  • USB & Auxiliary Cable
  • Heater
  • Interior Lighting
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder Configuration In Line
Displacement 1370cc
Drive layout FWD
Horespower 99 HP
Technology Euro 5, DVVT, Blue Core
Torque 135 Nm
Valve Mechanism DOHC 16 Valves
Top Track Speed 200/km
Gearbox 5 Speed
Transmission Type Manual
Drive Train FWD
Minimum Turning Radius -
Steering Type Super Electronic Power Steering
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L
Tyres and Wheels
Tyres 185/R15
Wheel Size 15 inch
Wheel Type Alloy Wheels
Front Macpherson Strut
Rear Torsion Beam
Front Ventilated Discs
Rear Drums

Changan Alsvin Manual Exterior

Extraordinary Action Dominating Outcome

Exquisite and Dynamic

High energy, dynamic body
Inherent unique charm, shining from the inside Expressive Grille.
Breaking with traditional 6×6 grille contours, this geometric shape produces a powerful visual impact.


Dual-beam halogen projection headlamp with a leveling device. Designed to work in foggy and rainy situations as well

Changan Alsvin Manual DRL

7 matrix LED curve lamp with bright white light, designed to perform in the sunniest days.


Nature-inspired butterfly grill, beauty with a purpose provides more exposed area and builds an aggressive stance


AB two-part combination tail lamps with a reverse lamp on one side and fog lamp on the other

Changan Alsvin Manual EURO 5 ENGINE

Powerful, quiet, and fuel-efficient Bluecore 1.37L and 1.5L dual VVT engine


The engine bay has lots of room for technicians to work, a beautiful BlueCore engine cover with an NVH insulator under the hood.


Shift reminder reminds when the optimum time to shift up or down is required

Changan Alsvin Manual Interior


The Multifunctional steering is embedded with cruise control, multimedia controls, and phone answering control to provide convenience at the tip of your fingers.

Changan Alsvin Manual SPORTY COCKPIT

Sporty flat-bottom steering design. It frees the same space closer to the seat.


Alsvin is equipped with smart cruise control which enables you to increase or decrease the speed without disengaging the cruise system.

Changan Alsvin Manual METER CLUSTER

Provides useful driver information and when to refuel and which door is still open to ensure safety


Perforated Ivory beige interior with plush synthetic leather seats with bucket inspired design


Galaxy Balck

Lunar Silver

Cosmic Red

Steller White

Nebula Blue

Space Gray

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