Changan Alsvin 2023 is a smart sedan with an elegant yet aggressive style. Powerful, quiet, and fuel-efficient Bluecore 1.37L and 1.5L dual VVT engine. The engine bay has lots of room for technicians to work, and a beautiful BlueCore engine cover with an NVH insulator under the hood. Changan Alsvin Transmission 5 Speed DCT Transmission with Sports and Manual Mode and a manual variant 5-speed manual shift reminder reminds us when the optimum time to shift up or down is required. the intelligent start-stop feature can be activated with a touch of a button. It provides fuel cut-off by shutting down the engine while in a standing position. Multifunctional steering is embedded with cruise control, multimedia controls, and phone answering control to provide convenience at the tip of your fingers Highly dynamic electric power steering progressively stiffens the turning response as vehicle speed increases.

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The Alsvin offers a comfortable ride, with a smooth suspension system and excellent noise insulation. The interior is designed to be ergonomic and offers plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The infotainment system is easy to use and provides a seamless connection to your smartphone. It also has a range of safety features, including lane-departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and parking sensors.


Sporty flat-bottom steering design. It frees the same space closer to the seat. Alsvin is equipped with smart cruise control which enables you to increase or decrease the speed without disengaging the cruise system and a Meter Cluster Provides useful driver information and when to refuel and which door is still open to ensure the safety of the Centre Console.

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The vivid and engaging center console is conveniently located along with a driver-centric interior which ensures that operations and functions are at arm’s reach but the 7-Inch Floating Display capacitative touch screen with built-in vehicle controls such as DRL, TPMS, AC, and Door Locks has, Perforated Ivory beige luxurious interior with plush synthetic leather seats with a bucket-inspired design.

Changan Alsvin 2023 Safety

Driver & Passenger Airbags are built with German technology with an Easy replacement module for low-cost replacement, Anti-lock brake ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking, thereby maintaining tractive contact, and the 3-point seat belts for all passengers and rear child ISOfix seats, Heated Side Mirror Wide ORVM with integrated turn signal, power-adjustable function, and heater defroster to have clear vision in rainy and foggy weather,

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The floating screen display is placed within the binocular sight of the driver to provide ample information while driving. This keeps the driver’s attention on the road while still enjoying the operations of multimedia safely, Safe body structural design with force-absorbing crumple zones to ensure passenger safety, Rear camera with a dynamic line a Reserve the camera with a proximity alarm, and dynamic guidelines to maneuver through close and narrow parking. Bumper-embedded parking radars with a proximity alarm.

Changan Alsvin 2023 Specification

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Performance ParametersEngine1.37L Blue Core1.5L Blue Core
Displacement (cc)13701480
Power (Hp)99105
Torque (Nm)135145
TechnologyIn-line 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC
Transmission5 Speed Manual5 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
DimensionsDimensions (mm) [LxWxH]4390 x 1725 x 1468
Wheelbase (mm)2535
Fuel Tank (Ltr)40
ExteriorWheels185/55 R15
Body door handleBody Color
Front aluminum grillChrome
Halogen headlamp with electric adjustment
Comfort & ConvenienceEPS
Start-Stop Technology
Steering-mounted audio controls
Cruise control
Synthetic leather seats
7 inch Touch screen
Power windows
12V Power Supply
SafetyDual Airbags
Rear parking camera
Parking sensors

The Changan Alsvin 2023 is great value for money, offering a modern and comfortable driving experience that is hard to beat.

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